Emmy Rossum poses as Monique Lhuillier’s muse for The Hollywood Reporter

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Called probably over 50 people tonight and got one volunteer!!

Anonymous asked: You're actually so pretty, it's not even fair. Stay wonderful friend. Hope your day is good.

my day was alright thank you so much for this lovely message <33

I am a feminist, not the fun kind.

Andrea Dworkin, Ice and Fire (via staininyourbrain)

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Ayee another selfie

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Caterpillow brows for an exciting event : margaret first day of work???!!!!???

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(◡‿◡✿) Slow sensual deep meaningful kisses with lots of PDA.

(◡‿◡✿) Lustful hands sliding down bodies with little tiny gasps of pleasure 

(◡‿◡✿) Tugging on their hair gently only to move the kisses to their neck 

(◡‿◡✿) Jawline kisses slowly moving back to their lips

(◕‿◕✿) Muffled kissing while getting the shit fucked out of them

The Maze Runner B-Roll footage #2

The Maze Runner B-Roll footage #1

We did a funny thing in the beginning. Dylan and I are both huge Friends fans, so in the beginning of the show - I think it was when we shot the pilot, either the pilot or when we were shooting the first season - we had labeled each other all the Friends characters. Posey was Joey. Dylan took Chandler. Colton Haynes who played Jackson, who he is no longer with us sadly, was Ross. And I got Richard, I was Tom Selleck. I was like the cool guy that wanted to hang out with Joey and Chandler.

Tyler Hoechlin (via stilesies)

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